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"Diversity in training provides for versatility in showing."

 All horses need a solid foundation, from the ground work, to being saddled and ridden.  This is key to having a safe, solid, and supple horse.  This is not the typical show horse barn, where horses are trained for a specific discipline, without first building a solid foundation.  Performance horses need to be as mentally strong as they are physically strong.  Horses need to be desensitized and have a good handle.  This allows them to focus on their job and not be distracted by the show environment.  Having a good handle on a horse allows us to help them in new situations which may be stressful, and helps them to be able to compete in a variety of disciplines.

Whether your horse needs to be started under saddle, needs some gaps in his training filled in, or just needs some finishing work, the monthly training program can help you.  Areas addressed include ground manners, despooking, flexion, collection, transitions, obstacles for trail competition, specific maneuvers and/or problems, starting on cattle/bison, and preparation for showing. 

Interested in doing more than one event with their horse?  We can prepare you and your horse for ranch horse versatility competitions, including ranch cutting, ranch reining, ranch trail, cow work, ranch riding, and roping.  Being competitive in the versatility classes is not just about having a well trained horse, but also knowing how to approach each event to maximize your score.  The horsemanship skills and training required in this competition reflect what a working cowboy might have to do on a cattle ranch.

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